Point of Life Ministries - A Life Message

Hi Jason and Susan, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your ministering at my church tonight, New Life Western Branch Chesapeake VA. At the beginning of the service I was praying and asked God to speak to me in a special way. I call it a WOW moment. At the end of the service you just started speaking out what God wanted to say thru the revelation of the Holy Spirit. The first two things you spoke were for me. You said God was healing a blood count. Last year I was diagnosed with a very extremely low iron count in my blood. The doctor said in her 25 years of practice I was the second lowest count she ever saw. I have been on high doses of iron and other vitamins for the last year. I'm believing and receive my healing. The second word was that there was a woman who had been thru a traumatic situation with her husband. Well that also applied to me. Seven years ago my husband was in prison for white collar crime and left me to take care of our 3 children on my very limited income. I truly forgave my husband but it was been a hard struggle in our financial realm since then. He has a large debt to pay back to the government and we are underneath that bondage. You said that God was cutting the cords of bondage and that He wanted her to reach her highest potential and calling and move forward to things God is wanting her to do. I also receive this word. I so appreciate your humbleness and submissive spirit during ministry