Point of Life Ministries - A Life Message

Jason and Susan truly walk in the demonstrated power of Jesus in and on their lives. When they minister, the Love of the Lord fills the room penetrates the believer`s heart through the inspired words of the Holy Spirit, Whom they both so humbly submit themselves to. As their Pastor, I am amazed by the way God has used them through outreaches, serving other ministries, preaching the Word here at home, throughout the country and abroad with signs and wonders following them. I have witnessed their obedience to nudging of Holy Spirit by their laying on of hands for the sick to recover, encouraging both the Body and individuals with and edifying words of knowledge. Their hunger for Him is truly inspiring and faith building. 

                                                        -Denise DeLancy
       Senior Pastor Generation of Disciples Sarasota, FL.

I have known Jason and Susan since 2009. They have a heart to serve others and most of all the Lord. They want to see the body of Christ healed both physically and emotionally and encouraged to do what God has called them to do.They do this well because they carry a revelation of what Christ has already accomplished on the Cross. They have shown me the true heart of God by their willingness to serve.   
                                             -Georgian Banov 
                                  Founder of  Global Celebrations
                                                           Harrisburg, PA.

Jason and Susan are the real deal.  The humility and honor they walk in is demonstrated in a down to earth ministry style and a powerful anointing of faith.  They carry a tangible grace that carries the fragrance of Jesus.  They communicate effectively the finished work of the cross and live a radical generosity.  They are a treasure among revivalists and I am honored to call them friends.  It is with great joy that I recommend Jason, Susan, and Point of Life Ministries to you.
                                              Grace and Peace
                                               Bill Vanderbush - Austin,TX

I appreciate Jason and Susan.  They are friends of mine who I enjoy spending time with.  Both of them carry a revelation of the finished work of the Cross that is the foundation for the way that they minister.  Jason and Susan have a heart to stir the body of Christ for a move of God that changes history.  I love to hear the testimonies that they have of the many miracles that they have seen; but what impresses me the most is that they possess love and a desire to build long lasting relationships with those they have the opportunity to minister to

                                        -Jason Smith
                               Empowered International Ministries
Chico, CA.

I thank God for Jason and Susan. I have known them since 2008. They have faithfully served our ministry as well as others. They carry the Glory of God strongly in their ministry and personal lives. The fruit they bear is truly Kingdom Stuff. They move strongly in healing, prophecy, and evangelism. Many miracles have manifested through them. Their message and love is pure, true, and relevant to the Body of Christ. The Intoxication of the Presence of God upon them is contagious and undeniable. Greater things are ahead for these two Nation Shakers as they follow the Lord Jesus Christ in His Gospel Call.

                                                 -Grant Gomez
                                           River of Life Revival Ministries
                                            Punta Gorda, FL.