Point of Life Ministries - A Life Message

                             Ministry Bio

Jason and Susan Marquez live in Sarasota Florida and are in leadership positions at the local church they regularly attend. While attending the Lakeland Outpouring they were touched by the Lord and called into their own ministry to bring the Good News Gospel to the nations.
Jason and Susan have a heart to see the Lord's Kingdom manifest "On earth, as it is in heaven!!!" Their passion is to see the body of Christ living and breathing a vibrant life with the Lord. They have been called to show both believers and unbelievers the totality of the the finished work of the cross by Jesus Christ. To encourage the body of Christ to continue moving into that victorious life in Him by being set free from bondage, and knowing the freedom that only the Resurrection Power of Jesus can bring.
Jason had encounter in March of 2007 when the Lord spoke to him while sitting in a bar room with friends! He then surrendered his life to the Lord, and moments later was supernaturally set free from drugs and alcohol addiction!
Susan was brought up in a Amish home and joined the church at a young age. One day an Amish man came to her town and talked about an "out of body" experience he had and how the Lord had shown him Heaven! A hunger for more stirred within Susan and she began to seek the Lord for something deeper. He told her to quit the Amish church and move to Florida. She was filled with the Holy Spirit and He guided her into a "personal" relationship with Jesus by setting her free from the worship of Him through "religion" and "tradition."